18 July 2012

The Diary: 8 - 19 Jan 1895

Please refer to previous post The Diary for an introduction to these entries. Also see the first and second installments for the month of January, 1895.

The Diary.

Tuesday                                                                               Jan 8
                Going to school met Bob and Geo. H. Bid them Good-Bye again. Bob left on 11·30 train & G.H to Osgoode.

Wed                                                                                      Jan 9.
                Nothing particular to-day. At school.

Thurs.                                                                                   Jan 10.

Fri.                                                                                          Jan 11.
                At school all day and to C.End at night

Sat.                                                                                        Jan 12.
                Pa came up and I went home. Annie Hunter went too. Got our new cutter and Miss Eneff, Annie Hunter, Bert and I had the first drive in it.

Sun.                                                                                       Jan 13.
                Snowing. John took the sleigh to church and C.E.

Monday                                                                               Jan 14.
                Pa brought me up to K.V. Went to S at recess.

Tuesday                                                                               Jan 15
                At school as usual. Lin took me for a drive.

Wed                                                                                      Jan 16
                At school.

Thur                                                                                       Jan 17
(Margin) Pa brought Annie Hunter in to-night.
                At school. Lizzie, Mrs. Kerr and I went to the Methodist revival meeting led by Mr Kype.

Fri                                                                                           Jan 18
                An Exam in Alg for our first. Went to the C.E. “At Home” and had a good time. Geo Wilson wanted us to go home for they were going to Bob Allens but we didn’t. Lizzie had a funny turn in her sleep or me, which?

Sat                                                                                          Jan 19
                Alice, Bertha, Lizzie and I felt rather funny to-day. Went for a walk in the afternoon.

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