16 July 2012

Obituary: Francis "Marie" (Brown) McKinney

Taking a break from The Diary to offer you this...

The obituary for Francis "Marie" (Brown) McKinney, who was my great grandfather's daughter, from his first wife, Nora Della Brigham. They were married in Nebraska, and just three short years later, William Warner Brown could be found in Orting, Pierce County, Washington, a single man. Though no record of a divorce or separation has been found as of yet, the marriage was never a "known fact" in the family, and was not openly discussed.

My great half-aunt passed away in 1999 in Nevada.


  1. We are so sad to hear that Payton has already passed away. We will wish for Paytons happy journey in the afterlife. A memorial page should be made just for Payton on obituaries


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