12 July 2012

The Diary: Jan 1 & 2, 1895

A while back, I wrote about finding The Diary. I promised to transcribe and post it. While life has certainly done a good job at keeping me from that, I have not forgotten.

So, here is the first two entries, dated 1 Jan and 2 Jan, 1895.

C.E. Reid
Tuesday                                                                               Jan 1
                This being the 22nd Anniversary of Mother’s and Father’s wedding we wished to have some enjoyment so we decided on having a little party. After working hard all day and all was ready the young people commenced to gather. We played all the plays we knew then had tea about 12 o’clock and after tea we had a recitation from Nannie, speeches from Mr. Shaw, Christopher and Bob. Pa told us how happy he was 22 yrs ago, also the history of the Plaid Shawl.  He then called on Geo. H. Carlyle from B. Columbia. After his speech he moved a vote of thanks to Mrs. And Mr. Reid (alone) for the pleasant time they had spent. Then after singing “God Be With You” they all left for home leaving us reflecting over the pleasant evening we had had.

Wed.                                                                                     Jan 2
                We got up feeling rather blue but we went to work to sweep up and soon felt all right. Aunt Mary had stayed all night so Bert and Chris took her up to Grandma’s. Well and Lorne Mulloy came down from Grandma’s and Annie and Lorne went for a drive. When they got back Bert and I went then. Miss Eneff came. After dinner Well & Lorne went home and Chris, Annie, Sarah and I went down to Dan Allens where we found Bob Carlyle, Maggie Skull and Maria. We then came up to Prayer Meeting.