14 July 2012

The Diary, 3-7 Jan, 1895

Thursday                                                                             Jan 3
                Were down to Wm Carlyle’s to-night and had a fine time. Annie and I were left but we got a chance. We had lots of fun after the rest went away. Just six of us, Edith, Annie, Bob, Big George Little George and myself. Maggie Skuce went back to Ottawa to-day and Martha wen to Uncle Billies.

Friday                                                                                    Jan 4
                Were to go to Winchester today but were disappointed. Got another telephone message to go tomorrow.

Satur.                                                                                    Jan 5.
                A lovely day but can’t go to Winchester.
Spent the evening at Mr. Murphy’s. Had a pleasant time eating candy and cough drops.

Sunday                                                                                Jan 6.
                Mame Brown, Annie and Lin Allen wen to Hallville church. Song a voluntary at our church “Let Himself In”. We had the sleigh at church. Bob Carlyle came up for tea. Chris lead the C.E.

Monday                                                                               Jan 7.
                I came to K.V. with Lin Allen. Geo H Carlyle came and took Lizzie and I out to Sandie’s for tea. Bob came up there and stopped all night. We had a fine time. Bob brought Lizzie and I home about 11 o’clock and we bid him good-bye.


  1. Love that you're sharing this diary with us!

    The entry from Jan 5 struck me as unusual - "Had a pleasant time eating candy and cough drops." I wonder about that entry. Why would it be pleasant to eat cough drops?

    Also Jen, I want to let you know I've nominated your blog for the Illuminating Blogger Award. Please visit their website at http://foodstoriesblog.com/illuminating-blogger-award/

  2. Thanks for sharing this diary. See also family trees to trace your family heritage.


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