22 July 2012

Burial Site of Sarah A Simms

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting one Mr. Frey, who has ancestors in the Valley Brook Cemetery in Breckenridge, Colorado. He sent me the following photo, from his family archives, circa 1908. 

Curious, I went back to the cemetery, and briefly looked around, but didn't find the site - I'll have to go back again. However, I was able to find this image on the findagrave.com site, taken two years ago by another local volunteer: 

Here is the site as it stands today: 

Two trees have grown up through the plot, and the border around the burial site is now gone. Of course, there is more vegetation surrounding the entire area. 
The flowers were left by the recent family member's visit.


  1. That will be a great picture. I have missed many stones in cemeteries, even when I know they are there.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Anne! I actually just recently stumbled - literally - over a plaque that was entirely obscured by a tree that had overgrown in this same cemetery. That one is next on my list to cut back and track down. ~ Jen

  2. Nice pictures. I have read some good posts over here. Thanks.

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