27 August 2012

The Diary: 20 Jan - 31, 1895

Please refer to previous post The Diary for an introduction to these entries. Also see the first and second installments for the month of January, 1895.

Sun                                                                                        Jan 20
                S.H., Alice, Lizzie and I went to the M.E. Church this morning and heard Mr. Kype preach on Gen 5.24. We three went to S.S. at 2·30 P.M. Alice, Berth and I went to Pre. Ch. In the evening. Lizzie was sick before church but she was alright about bed time. Flat irons. Mr. McDermid took Ps. 27.14. for his text to night.

Mon                                                                                      Jan 21
Was at school to-day.

Tues.                                                                                     Jan 22
                Lizzie and I had a drive to-night with L.A. Lots of fun watching the scholars fall as it was very slippery. John Henry had the croup to-night. Concert at Hallville.

Wed.                                                                                     Jan 23
                Martha Patterson and I fell going up to the school at noon, on the ice. Wilda made Ella C (?) laugh when reading. She told her “Old Selleck was in.” Mr. Witherill went away to-day. Had a great talk to Bert over the telephone.

Thurs.                                                                                   Jan 24
                A meeting after 4 of the School Board & Scholars to-night to decide about keeping Mr. Witherill or not. I went for a drive with L. Dave & Lizzie wouldn’t let me go.

Fri.                                                                                          Jan 25                    Exam Arith.
                Lizzie went home with Joe Allen. Pa came for me after tea.

Sat.                                                                                        Jan 26
                Stormed all day to-day.

Sun                                                                                        Jan 27
                In the house all day. Y. & W.W. came down this afternoon.

Mon                                                                                      Jan 28
Couldn’t corale to K.V. Roads all blocked. 

Tues.                                                                                     Jan 29

                John Horn brought Lizzie and I to K.V. Bad roads. Started at 9 o’clock and got here at 12.

Wed.                                                                                     Jan 30
                At school to-day. Mr. Halliday took very sick about 12 o’clock. P.M. Mr. Clark went for Dr. Ferguson.

Thurs.                                                                                   Jan 31
                Saw Nannie and Uncle Alex went for a drive with them and again with Bob Allen.

The Diary

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