01 September 2012

Our Savior Cemetery, Hay Lakes, Alberta, Canada

Images from a trip several years ago to the Our Savior Cemetery in Hay Lakes, Alberta, Canada.

All images under copyright, Ancestral Journeys, 2012. 

Julius and Pauline Kitzmann, my 2nd great grandparents. 

Rosalie Busenius, my 1st cousin, 3x removed. 

Karl Busenius, exact relationship unknown, but likely brother to Rosalia. 

Tober family. Exact relationship unknown, but likely related through the family of my grandmother, Elsie (Tober) Brown. 

One monument listing people buried in the cemetery without headstones. 

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  1. I have not seen a monument to the people buried in cemetery without headstones before. I think it is a great idea.


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