10 June 2012

Tweets from 2012 Jamboree: Day 3

The last and final installment of my favorite tweets coming out of the SCGS Jamboree, 2012. Please make sure to look over Day 1 and Day 2, as well!

  • @ironhide781: "So sad to leave Jamboree, it's the best genealogy conference I've ever attended." [Figured we'd start with a nice compliment.]
  • @terrifraser: "Takeaways: Blogger summit 2 #scgs12 Thomas MacEntee always moderates comments. Anonymous uses Microsoft Live Writer to compose blog posts."
  • @baysideresearch: "Decided on What's New with RootsMagic 5 for my first #scgs12 session of the day."
  • @demascot54321: "Genealogy research and Trip planning."
  • @FamilyStories: "Will be attending Warren Bittner's Complex Evidence ~ Will be streamed. Who's joining me?"
  • @AuntJill: "Best mindmapping tool I've seen yet is bubbl.us. Thanks to Ancestral Breezes for @scgs12 tweets." [You are most welcome. This has become a "thing" for me. It allows me to follow the conference from home, and also keeps everything in one place. If I'm going to make the list anyway, I might as well share.]
  • @ACoffin: "Attending 'Mapping Madness' with @ronarons. I'm a sucker for anything maps."
  • @terrifraser: "Attending 'Using the 1880 DDD Census' at #scgs12 with Jana Sloan Broiling CG."
(I included the above tweets so you would know which session the information was coming from. The twitter stream was very active Sunday morning, and it could be easy to get lost.)
  • @toniasroots: "According to @megansmolenyak there are things in newspapers other than obituaries. Who knew?"
  • @ACoffin: "Some free map sites: NYPL, David Rumsey, LOC, Perry Casteneda at UTexas."
  • @ACoffin: "Don't forget Cyndi's List map page."
  • @toniasroots: "All newspaper sites have some content everyone has and some content no one else has."
  • @ACoffin: "Arons: search Google Images for maps, too. #scgs12 Use place name."
  • @a3Genealogy: "@toniasroots LOL... This is a hard concept for some researchers. Slow down, take your time, and peruse the whole newspaper!"
  • @ACoffin: "Arons showing different results between Google Maps and Bing Maps. He uses both. So do I."
  • @toniasroots: "GenealogyBank has a great collection for people with New England and New York colonial roots."
  • @toniasroots: "NewsLibrary.com can be used a la carte - no subscription necessary. Contemporary content, not historical."
  • @ACoffin: "Bing maps:can only save 10 places in your collection. We all know Google lets you save more on your map."
  • @toniasroots: "Newspaper search tip. Put in surname and keyword 'died'." [Also, death, buried, burial, grave, ceremony, etc.]
  • @toniasroots: "Archives.com limits you to 10 newspaper searches per day."
  • @FamilyStories: "This is EXACTLY why I wish census occupations were indexed. Bonus Points to the company who does that. @findmypastUS"
  • @baysideresearch: "The CountyCheck feature in RM5 is great!"
  • @rjseaver: "I like sequence of Bittner's slides. Document, discussion, source type, info type, evidence type, source citation. Logical."
  • @toniasroots: "Elsewhere Around the World - a curated site with links to international newspaper sites."
  • @rjseaver: "Bittner finally get to the evidence conflict stage-two direct pieces from original sources don't match. Indirect evidence proves."
  • @rjseaver: "Bittner's talk is excellent tutorial on doing research in New York City."
  • @toniasroots: "Major papers, like ATL Constitution, LA Times, etc. look for PQ in menu - this is their historical archives done with ProQuest."
  • @ACoffin: "Arons: see if  your library has ProQuest Sanborn Maps Geo Edition."
  • @toniasroots: "Ancestry.com obituary collection crawls sites of lots of smaller newspapers."
  • @toniasroots: "Obitsarchive.com another a la carte site. Has contemporary obits."
  • @rjseaver: "Bittner says software wants conclusions and limits evidence analysis. People lead complex lives."
  • @ACoffin: "Hmmm.... LinkedIn Maps. Interesting." [Care to elaborate here?]
  • @ACoffin: "Maps aren't just about places. Arons is discussing mind maps now."
  • @baysideresearch: "RM reader for iPad/iPhone later this summer!"
  • @amycrow: "Not correct. Limit is 10 views, not 10 searches RT @toniasroots Archives.com limit 10 newspaper searches/day @megansmolenyak" [Thanks for the clarification.]
  • @baysideresearch: "Looks like @geneabloggers may have a full room for his Illinois session!"
  • @rjseaver: "#scgs12 Lisa has her 10 Golden Rules of Genealogy on her website for free gotgenealogy.com."
  • @ACoffin: "Take away from Hovorka's session: we need to allow new genealogists to be new." [Amen.]
  • @toniasroots: "Be committed to ANALYZING your data."
  • @amycrow: "That's the key: 'If I look at your citation, can I get back to the original?' - C Witcher (The comma doesn't matter! <g>)"
  • @rjseaver: "Jana says to look for court cases associated with land deeds. Federal land records are largest pre 1900 set of records."
  • @ACoffin: "Bertillon cards= predecessor to fingerprints. Incl. photos, measurements, etc of the subject."
  • @rjseaver: "really need to check American State Papers for cases concerning my ancestors. Jana rocks!"
  • @toniasroots: "Create timelines whenever you can."
  • @baysideresearch: "It's expensive inheriting stuff from people. How to preserve?" [Ain't that the truth.]
  • @baysideresearch: "Resolve to DO NO HARM to your inherited items. @familycurator"
  • @susankitchens: "Frugal curation. Because we don't have budget n staff."
  • @baysideresearch: "Archival cardboard storage boxes are acid-free, etc. #scgs12 they are layered to help protect docs, etc."
  • @susankitchens: "First, do no harm. Temp swings not good. Moisture, pests, human handling, oils."
  • @baysideresearch: "Newsprint is so inherently acidic it will break down."
  • @baysideresearch: "Look for lignin-free boxes."
  • @baysideresearch: "@familycurator showing damage to doll stored in china cabinet."
  • @susankitchens: "Layered protection. The idea of the day for #stuff #preservation"
  • @baysideresearch: "@familycurator has a curator's first aid kit w/tissue paper, sheet, tape, etc. all acid free!"
  • @baysideresearch: "Make-it-yourself 4-flap-enclosure = most useful archival tool."
  • @toniasroots: "Make your own archival container to fit any size item. @familycurator is showing us how." [Jealous.]
  • @baysideresearch: "More DIY: custom cotton bag for multiple items."
  • @ACoffin: "If you're into frugal curating, @familycurator has a book coming out about it in a few months."
  • @baysideresearch: "Wash purchased muslin to remove all the sizing chemicals. No fabric softener!"
  • @susankitchens: "Reversible is key for whatever you use to encapsulate it. Plastic is good for the foto to hand around @ family reunion. #preservation"
  • @baysideresearch: "Put buffered paper behind newspaper to prevent acid build-up."
  • @susankitchens: "Buffered paper - acid free, lignin free next to, say newspaper, in archival sleeve."
  • @baysideresearch: "Avery sheet protectors are good option."
  • @baysideresearch: "Also, funnily enough, ziplock sandwich bags are fine too!"
  • @susankitchens: "Ziplock bags. GLAD are polypropylene. (good) @familycurator researched. Passed light test. #preservation"
  • @susankitchens: "Who knew? Zip loc bags. Used by archaeologists, n for Police evidence bags."
  • @baysideresearch: "Encapsulation not the best option for photos - image may stick to the plastic if you remove."
  • @susankitchens: "Time capsule. Purpose, plan. AWESOME. Mama's got a milestone bay coming up."
  • @baysideresearch: "Use a pretzel container. Seriously!"
  • @susankitchens: "This presentation TOTALLY needs to go into #Maker magazine."
  • @baysideresearch: "'just say no' to anything that will require a player 50 years from now. No good."
  • @susankitchens: "Register your time capsule: International Time Capsule society, Oglethorpe Univ, Atlanta, GA"
  • @baysideresearch: "@familycurator's book How to Archive Family Keepsakes coming out in August!" [You can pre-order on Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/How-Archive-Family-Keepsakes-Memorabilia/dp/1440322236/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=11ED8PIUYXZ2E&coliid=I30W1VQPVAQ2VA]
  • @familycurator: "Caugt @acivory showing how to make genealogy Mac Dashboard #scgs12 - my take-away #1"
  • @JanetHovorka: "What I learned at #scgs12 RT @susankitchens: XLNT question-how can we build more mentoring it's all about respect. Be it, act it. U got it."
  • @JanetHovorka: "Nailed it. RT @susankitchens: The FEAR of doing it wrong gets in the way. Yes. You MUST make mistakes. Gatekeeping comes frm fear."


And with that, it all comes to an end. I love the last two: 

Mentoring is all about respect.
You must make mistakes.

Well said, everyone, well said. 


  1. Hi Jen, I notice that there are a lot of 'map' comments coming out of the Twitter streams. Ironically and perhaps coincidentally, last week, uencounter.me (I am a co-founder) introduced a "genealogy pin" to use on our Virtual Pin Map. Dick Eastman wrote about us on Wednesday and the response from the Genealogical community has been tremendous!! Just wanted you all to know.

    1. Leslyn, If Dick Eastman put it in his newsletter, than yes, we all know about it. :-) I do remember that one, actually, so thank you for the reminder; I still need to check it out. There was of course a session at the conference on maps and their use in genealogical research, and we were lucky enough to have active tweeters in the room at the time.
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. ~Jen

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