08 June 2012

Tweets from 2012 Jamboree

The 2012 Jamboree, hosted and organized by the Southern California Genealogical Society (SCGS), in Burbank, California began today. As with the National Genealogical Society conference last month (see that post here!), I have decided to follow along on Twitter and other social media sites, and share my little nuggets of knowledge here on my blog.

This time, however, I'm going to break it up by day, instead of one long post... Whew. My comments are in [brackets].

You can join the conversation by following #scgs12 on Twitter.

So, here are the gems from 8 June 2012. Enjoy!

  • @baysideresearch: "Trindle examined tax records to trace ancestor's wealth. Found alternate spelling of name."
  • @baysideresearch: "Get every last bit of probate information. Never know what they'll reveal."
  • @rjseaver: "Other projects for kids might be Google Earth tour, iPad or android apps, Gothic handwriting, indexing, etc."
  • @baysideresearch: "Look at the legal codes for the areas u r researching for clues to decipher tax records."
  • @baysideresearch: "Some ancestors may not have paid taxes after a certain age. Also ministers and doctors didn't always pay."
  • @ACoffin: "Pro/transitional genealogist tip: learn about all the genealogy software options out there to help clients make better decisions."
  • @ACoffin: "You can import RootsMagic sources as footnotes in Personal Historian 2. Good to know."
  • @Kimmyvon: "Tools do more but are more complicated... we have to change with technology. Thomas MacEntee."
  • @toniasroots: "There is not usually 'one true' strategy that will lead to success. A variety of searches should be performed and evaluated."
  • @Kimmyvon: "Via T. MacEntee 'Follow a curator' What's a curator? Someone who is watching the tech world and teaching you. The best in my mind C. Pointer"
  • @susankitchens: "Secrecy's other side is privacy. Ea generat'n has changing social conditions that creat new taboos StLux"
  • @Toniasroots: "Don't fall into spellings trap. Use wildcards in your searches."
  • @Toniasroots: "Enumerator recorded wives first names as 'Mrs.' Ugh."
  • @susankitchens: "'I don't want to bring up something that's difficult' - that is your ASSUMPTION, peeps. ID the anxiety, but don't assume it. StLux"
  • @susankitchens: "People who have pain want to get rid of it. You may be doing a favor by asking about something sensitive. StLux"
  • @susankitchens: "'My rule for secret keepers: when keeping a secret does more harm than good, it's time to consider letting it free.' StLux"
  • @Ginisology: "Loving, author of Annie's Ghosts, Steve Luxenberg's class: Lost in the Unknown: The Delicacy of Probing Family Secrets" [Comments made by others in the session were noted by "StLux"]
  • @ACoffin: "You can dictate stories into Personal Historian 2. The software will also read your stories aloud."
  • @ACoffin: "In Personal Historian 2, you can organize your stories into chapters of your choosing. Many custom publishing options."
  • @Toniasroots: "Never ignore anyone with the same surname living in the same area, even if you don't know how they are connected."

Random picture. Gotta' break up all that text. 

  • @GenealogistElys: "I feel famous! @tmacentee mentioned me in his talk!!! #scgs12 I am tickled pink and so flattered!" [Awesome.]
  • @GenealogistElys: "Use GenSmarts to give you ideas for where to go next for research." [Referring to @drewsmithtpa discussing "Idea Generation and Preservation for the Baffled and Disorganized".]
  • @Kimmyvon: "According to Lisa Alzo Family Histories should inform, engage, enhance and entertain."
  • @GenealogistElys: "GenSmarts provides a legend of tags (whether info is online, missing source, etc.) to organize research to-do list"
  • @GenealogistElys: "GenSmarts tells you why it makes a suggestion... sounding more and more like I need this program." [I have it, and strongly recommend it. See their website for more information.]
  • @GenealogistElys: "GenSmarts also creates a hypothesis. Loving it!"
  • @Kimmyvon: "'Don't leave just lines and boxes for our future generations' Lisa Alzo"
  • @Toniasroots: "A reasonably exhaustive search can be exhausting. : )"
  • @Toniasroots: "3-D Genealogy - Place your ancestor with the right people at the right place and the right time."
  • @GenealogistElys: "@drewsmithtpa recommends mind mapping tools to help generate and organize ideas. Suggests Bubbl.us."
  • @GenealogistElys: "Bubbl.us is like a giant whiteboard and you can type anything down - get ideas out of your head."
  • @GenealoigstElys: "Thinking MS OneNote should add mind mapping software to the program." [Agreed.]
  • @GenealogistElys: "You can add bubbl.us mindmap to your blog! I'm loving it!"
  • @FamilyStories: "Get your family involved in family history with Voice Quilt. @lisaalzo <-- This is very cool."
  • @GenealogistElys: "Loved the 'wows' from the crowd when Evernote's OCR ability was shown."
  • @mradamhansen: "Hey look! The #scgs12 Twitter displays are up in the main hotel. Your tweets could appear onscreen."

Hope you like my little list! More tomorrow! 


  1. Having a great time following and learning from downunder too

    1. Jill, I was truly just reading your blog. Karma has its moments! Mind if I send you an email Re: Rootstech 2013?
      Thanks for reading my post, and commenting! It is much appreciated! ~Jen


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