09 June 2012

Tweets from 2012 Jamboree: Day 2

Welcome to the world of tweets! As mentioned yesterday, follow the SCGS Jamboree event online using #scgs12.

Enjoy today's selections!

  • @Toniasroots: "Pass judgement on each piece of family lore: true, false, exaggerated - all are possible."
  • @a3Genealogy: "Mark Schaeffer says optimize social media apps/tools to improve Return On Influence. Ok!"
  • @Ghyxion: "Only an hour until Genealogy Idol is streamed to the comfort of my recliner." [Yes! Enjoying from home thanks to the power of social media and streaming sessions.]
  • @FamilyStories: all of the following...  
    • "There is no correct way to organize your research. ~ @GenealogistEyls"
    • "There is no magic pill  to become organized. It's a process that needs to be executed repeatedly. @GenealoigstElys"
    • "And? @GenealogistElys is a NATURAL at this. Seriously. You should BE HERE listening & watching. #rockingit"
    • "Tagging photos is suggested for photo organization. Picasa is gr8 for this. ~ @GenealogistElys"
  • @toniasroots: "How do you think categorize your ancestors in  your mind? By surname, by couple, etc? Use that style for your organization system."
  • @toniasroots: "Use consistent file naming, so that when you see the file name, you instantly know what the file contains. @GenealogistElys"
  • @KinfoLit: "'Read broadly' to understand your ancestors' value system and priorities. -- Warren Bittner"
  • @littlebyteslife: "Daughters of 1812 database of ancestors online - check it out!"
  • @baysideresearch: "Unsubscribe from the email lists and newsletters you don't read."
  • @KinfoLit: "Bittner recommends Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's A Midwife's Tail: The Life of Martha Ballard, Based on Her Diary, 1785-1812."
  • @baysideresearch: "Schedule time every 6 mos or so to organize your bookmarks." [Love this.]
  • @toniasroots: "Every so often, go through your website "Favorites" and delete broken links."
  • @Kimmyvon: "Elyse D. Tames the digital monster at #SCGS12 she's teaching what all these new fangeled things are."
  • @baysideresearch: "@genealogistelys is demoing OneNote."
  • @toniasroots: "Create a list of books/resources you want to access in your favorite note-taking software."

Random picture. Wild "high mountain" flowers in my back yard.
Copyright Jen Baldwin, Breckenridge, CO 2012.

  • @KinfoLit: "Reading history is essential for 'understanding the way life was lived for the common man.' -- Warren Bittner at #scgs12"
  • @FamilyStories: "Elyse has knocked it outta the park. Excellent. @GenealogyElys" [Love the support for this presentor from the audience.]
  • @Kimmyvon: "Elyse Doerflinger recommends 'Remember the Milk' for your to do list."
  • @toniasroots: Lists the following... 
    • "Curt Witcher asks: Are you a genealogy researcher or an ancestor collector?"
    • "Familiarty with how the military operates will ensure finding & effectively using the widest collection of resources. #Witcher"
    • "Look for more than basic BMD info. What were they doing, where? Creates context. #Witcher"
    • "Use secondary information (published records). They'll lead you to the primary. #Witcher"
    • "Go to any college library or online to look for printed govermnet docs on Service Records. Wealth of information. #Witcher"
    • "State archives are good sources of military records. #Witcher"
    • "Pension records are golden for genealogists. Proof of service, eligibility & testimony from FANs. #Witcher"
    • Confederate pension files are usually found in state archives, rather than NARA, but have some of the best information. #Witcher"
    • Documenting the American South. Website with amazing military history information. #Witcher"
    • Here's the link. docsouth.unc.edu"
    • "Civil War Soldiers & Sailors database lets you download a spreadsheet of search results. Awesome. #Witcher"
  • @baysideresearch: "@lisaalso: post -1892 passenger lists much more rich in info. Darn! All my ancestors arrived before that..."
  • @baysideresearch: "Who was traveling w/your ancestor? Circumstances? Look for the clues. @lisaalzo."
  • @baysideresearch: "Check all versions of ships' lists. Copies were made. Differences?  @lisaalso."
  • @baysideresearch: "@lisaalzo: read the instructions for any new-to-you database!"
  • @walkingyourtree: "Stunned by CWSS free website w/tons of great Civil War resources #CurtWitcher"
  • @susankitchens: "EBay for heirlooms. Use to make shadowbox. Things are in other people's attics. Sve teh search in eBay. - @LisaCooke"
  • @KinfoLit: "@SLuxenberg says genealogists are better researchers than historians and journalists. Really?!"
  • @KinfoLit: "'We don't live in the times we're researching.' A challenge to overcome, says @SLuxenberg at #scgs12"
  • @susankitchens: "SteveLux - we don't live in teh time we're researching. We got to think like the time period we're researching."
  • @sooznebr: "Put emotions aside and think about what the document tells you #scgs12 Steve Luxenberg"
  • @storybookgen: "My 2 cents: LOOK at the census record - don't just accept the indexed archives. They're incomplete and sometimes wrong."
  • @storybookgen: "Memory is falliable, even when photos tells a different story."
  • @storybookgen: "Steve Luxenberg welcomes emails asking for advice. Find him at steveluxenberg.com"
  • @FamilyStories: From Megan Smolenyak's presentation... 
    • "Why Reverse Genealogy? Find kin, heirlooms, etc. @megansmolenyak"
    • "Hello?!? Had no idea @megansmolenyak does the heirloom rescue thing. Another reason to LOVE her!"
    • "2 approaches to Reverse Genealogy: broadcast & seeking."
    • "@megansmolenyak prefers the location-based message boards vs. surname to catch neighbors & family."
    • "Zig zagging backwards and forwards thru time gets you to the finish line quicker."
    • I love Heritage Quest, personally." [As do I!]
  • @rjsearver: tweeting from the Blogger Panel
    • "At Blogger Panel, Melissa says blog community is a network of knowledge and very helpful to beginners."
    • "Denise says geneablogging has resulted in many cousins contacting her. Cousin bait works!"
    • "Melissa says geneablogging is a great marketing tool for the GenealogyCenter at Fort Wayne Library."
    • "Thomas talked quite a bit about affiliate programs on geneablogs. Made up to $200 in one month."
    • "Ancestry Insider says to write geneablogs for yourself. Ought to use images in every post."
    • "Thomas says Wikimedia Commons has copyright free images available for use on blogs."

Random photo #2. This the fox that has marked our yard as his territory.
Copyright Jen Baldwin, Breckenridge, CO 2012.

  • @baysideresearch: "Add city directories to @megansmolenyak's list of best reverse #genealogy resources. Helped me unlock the Friends Album's past."
  • @FamilyStories: "On genealogybank.com historical & contemporary collections sometimes overlap. Check both. @megansmolenyak"
  • @FamilyStories: "Library of Congress website getting more useful. Info availability depends on each state. Keep checking back."
  • @KinfoLit: "Explanatory notes at beginning of a compiled #genealogy often contains lots of useful info, so read them! -- @DJoshuaTaylor"
  • @KinfoLit: "'Genealogy is a lifelong pursuit, not a five-minute hobby.' -- @DJoshuaTaylor"
  • @FamilyStories: "Compiled genealogies are excellent secondary sources to gather clues for further research. @DJoshuaTaylor"
  • @FamilyStories: "Sometimes, folks, we may never find anything that proves or disproves compiled genealogies. [hard to accept, no?] @DJoshuaTaylor"
  • @toniasroots: "Always pull a hardcopy of compiled genealogies when you visit other libraries. Sometimes ppl WRITE in corrections."
  • @FamilyStories: "Basically, u know all that stuff we get told 2 NOT EVEN look at cuz it's NOT 'pure'? Use it w/logic. They're clues. @DJoshuaTaylor"
  • @FamilyStories: "Read the FOOTNOTES in published histories. Lots of clues."
  • @FamilyStories: "Read peer reviews of comp. genealogies cuz genealogists love to point out corrections to other genealogists. *snort* @DJoshuaTaylor"
  • @toniasroots: "Type author's name in Google Books. You may find revisions & corrections of compiled genealogies. @DJoshuaTaylor"
  • @amycrow: "What?! A genealogist compiling info and not publishing it?! Say it isn't so! <g> @DJoshuaTaylor."
  • @toniasroots: "Contact family associations. They may have a file of corrections to the compiled genealogy."
  • @toniasroots: "Family-Association.com -> basic site that lists family associations."
  • @KinfoLit: "The author of a compiled #genealogy may have donated research materials to an archive. -- @DJoshuaTaylor."
  • @FamilyStories: "'Compiled genealogies - don't know if it's accurate but don't know if it's inaccurate."
  • @Kimmyvon: "#SCGS12 I love the idea of giving back or paying it forward... maybe we could pool our money and get on this Grand band wagon."
  • @Kimmyvon: "Seton Shields Genealogy Grants Program... pass the word."

More to come tomorrow! Have a great 24 hours! 

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