11 June 2012

Which hashtag is right for me? #Twitter

Recently, Marian Pierre-Louis posed a question on Google+:

"Question for all you social media friends out there: Have any of you ever done a study to determine which Twitter keywords have strong, loyal followings and which keywords seem to remain rapid fire and random without a core group? Just wondering..."

Although she was not referring to specifically genealogy related terms, her questions and further comments were intriguing to me, so I decided to do a little digging.

I found the site, www.HashTracking.com. You input a hashtag, and it tells you how many original tweets, retweets and mentions used that tag in the last twenty-four hours.

Here's a quick look at my results. I did this from 4:10pm - 4:15pm on 11 June 2012. For comparison purposes, I used common genealogy tags that I've seen used:

  • #genealogy: 359 original tweets, 89 retweets, 21 mentions
  • #familyhistory: 98 original tweets, 26 retweets, 7 mentions
  • #ancestry: 28 original tweets, 2 retweets, 0 mentions
  • #history: 829 original tweets, 552 retweets, 119 mentions
  • #socialmedia: 1194 original tweets, 269 retweets, 37 mentions
  • #archives: 187 original tweets, 81 retweets, 4 mentions

 I think, simply, an interesting look at the use of social media as our community continues to grow online. Personally, I try to use as many as possible in each post, within the confines of 140 characters.

The question posed is still one to be considered, and I thank Marian for putting it out there for us to spend a few minutes pondering. I would pass it forward to all of you: what hashtags do you use regularly, what do you use in passing?