10 July 2012

One Photo at a Time

I randomly chose a photo from my "unknown" collection for this post. Here is an image of four males, ranging in age from around 15 years to mid-30's. (That's a big guess by the way, I'm really not very good at guessing ages.)  I have no idea who they are or why I own their photo, but I absolutely love this image. It certainly looks to me like four decent guys, trying to look tough. 

The image entered my collection via a distant cousin. He is a descendant of Carrie (Brown) Carlyle, who was my great great aunt. Her husband, Adam, carries some Canadian heritage into our tree, and I believe this to be a picture from that line of folks. 
The original is cut into the shape seen here, and this is a scan, not a photo, so the image is not quite as good as it could be (see this previous post for more information on that!). There is nothing on the back to indicate who these gents might be. 

The image is simply priceless, and they look to me like they are sharing a good private joke. If it weren't for the youngest of the four, you might almost believe them to be tough and threatening, but he gives it away.