25 April 2014

#genchat CHALLENGE: Using Tax Records to Knock Down Your Brick Wall

Have you used tax records in your genealogy? 

You should probably think about it, if you haven't. #genchat on May 25, 2014 was all about tax records, and what there is to gain from them as a genealogy source. 

Think beyond property. We had mentions of taxes on hen's, prostitutes, dog licenses, and way more! There is much to be learned from taxes and the associated paperwork. Use them as a substitute for census records, let them fill in the gaps of your ancestors life. 

Seek them out locally first, in the county Courthouse and in city administration buildings, then work on a broader level to identify where your ancestor may have been listed. 

Tonight's #genchat CHALLENGE: Using one of your "brick wall" ancestors and knock down the wall by identifying and pursuing tax records. 

The scope of what you might find could surprise you! Taxes have been around for a very long time, so use that to your advantage! 

As always, share what you find so we can all continue to learn from each other. Use your blog, social media, website or any other format to share your process and results, and then let us know! 

This #genchat CHALLENGE should result in some very interesting local records being discovered! Be sure to connect with your local genealogy society, as well, for even more information.