25 June 2013

R.I.P. Bertha: I Got This

Yesterday I had the unique opportunity to appear on CBS4 News out of Denver to tell the story of Bertha's missing grave marker. 

You may remember I first posted about the situation earlier this month. As the local community and historical organizations have been working with police and the Town officials on this situation, I have  been doing what I can to get the word out on social media. Thankfully, CBS4 picked up the story, and decided to conduct an interview with me at Valley Brook Cemetery.

If you missed the newscast, here's the link.

Although I am hopeful that the marker will magically reappear at the cemetery, I am also too much of a realist to think we will ever see it again. It is a loss to our historical community and a travesty against humanity. Having said all of that, here is what I am hoping will happen now.

Someone will come forward who has the skills and ability to donate their time and energy and will make Bertha a replica marker. An exact match to the one she had. The one placed by her friends in the community. The one that I have been watching over for three years. The one that I was so overjoyed to find in the first place, because it was still legible.

If there is a kind soul out there, please feel free to contact me via this blog.

Let's make sure that Bertha's story can always be told, shall we?

This will continue. I am currently researching Bertha, her family, and descendants. I hope to be able to track living relatives and not only notify them of the situation, but be able to tell them that we are correcting it.

R.I.P. Bertha. I got this.