06 April 2013

Packing My Bags

Hello. My name is Jen, and I'm a blogger. 

In exactly one month from today, I'll be heading slightly southwest to Las Vegas, Nevada for the National Genealogical Society 2013 Family History Conference! I am excited for a whole bunch of reasons, and I simply cannot wait to get there! 

official blogger, NGS, 2013, genealogy, family history, Las VegasDuring the conference, I will be blogging away as an Official Blogger... but not here. Nope! I'll be over on The In-Depth Genealogist blog, collaborating with fellow pirate women, Stephanie Pitcher Fishman and Terri O'Connell, who are also attending. Together, we will represent the team at IDG, missing only 1/4 of our leadership; Jennifer Alford (but, she'll be at home helping us out!)

Another piece of the week I am super excited about? The three of us will also be hosting #genchat from the conference! The twitter based collaboration for genealogists will occur on Friday, May 10 LIVE from Vegas! We will be releasing the details as we get closer to departure date, but you can bet that a true social media event will be taking place that evening, and we are certainly hoping that many of our fellow conference attendees will join us in the fun! 

(If you haven't yet experienced #genchat, read all about it on Conference Keeper and come learn with us on April 12, as we discuss the FamilySearch Wiki!)

Over the next four weeks, I'll be posting more and more - on all the accounts I have! - about the conference. I love conferences. I love social media. It's all coming together for me in May! Posts will be here, on IDG and on the Conference Keeper blog: CK Updates

I am going to issue an invitation, too, to you. If you blog, if you blog about genealogy, if you are going to or will be blogging about the NGS Conference this year, please join our little group over on Facebook. IDG has created a group just for Genealogy Bloggers at NGS 2013; and we're using it as a platform for geneabloggers to communicate, make plans, share ideas and little tidbits we pick up about Vegas itself. All sorts of preparation for the conference. During the actual event, we'll be using it to share posts and arrange meet ups. Come be a part of the community! We'd love to have you. 


  1. Congratulations, Jen, on being an Official Blogger for NGS 2013! Vegas sounds way exciting, the culmination of years of work and collaboration for you. Thanks for the invitation to the Facebook group. I will read, listen, and learn as I continue to archive our family's documents and build our large tree. You folks rock -- but you know that.

    1. Thanks, Mariann! I'm really excited to go, and so are the other's. I also think that having #genchat from the conference will be incredible. Less than a month to go! ~ Jen

  2. Hi Jen,
    We're really looking forward to having you attend NGS 2013 as an Official Blogger. Please stop by the NGS Booth and introduce yourself!
    Jean Atkinson Andrews,Treasurer and Director
    National Genealogical Society

    1. Thank you so much, Jean! The IDG team will absolutely stop and say hi! We are incredibly excited to have this opportunity, and are really looking forward to the event. Thanks for reading my blog! ~ Jen


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