16 April 2013

Hey! I was on Mondays with Myrt!

I had the opportunity to join in on Mondays with Myrt yesterday, and it was a ton of fun! 

If you haven't experienced the new "Hangout On Air" format, you really should join in. Great conversation, great people, great content!

I come in at about the 30 minute mark, and had the time to talk about Conference Keeper and #genchat.

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  1. Jen, I really enjoyed watching you speak. You sound just fine -- a clear and confident voice. And you look great! (beautiful hair, BTW) Mainly, you really got across the how-to outreach for more peeps to contribute to both conference keeper and genchat. And you mentioned Storify! Excellent job, and I was impressed.

    Now genchat will be even fuller and faster . . .


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