05 November 2012

Genealogy: The Next Generation

What will genealogy look like in 2063? That is the question I am posing today, and I'm curious to see what responses I will get.

CER-10, Digital Computer, ca. 1963
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CER-10
In 1963, the idea of advanced technology looked very different than it does in reality. When they looked fifty years ahead, could they have imagined that we would be researching with tools such as Google Books, online records sources, digital cameras, and personal computers small enough to fit not just in one room, but in our laps?

With new tech and abilities hitting the market at an alarming rate now, what will genealogy look like in twenty or fifty years? Will everything be online? Will we be having the equivalent of webinar's instructing researchers how to walk into a courthouse and request records?  Will it even be necessary to do on site research, or will it all be available to us via some sort of mass media source? How will people be dealt with after death in the future? Will cemeteries still exist, or will society turn to something else?

The bigger question; will it, the research, even be necessary? Will there be a day when genealogy is just... done? Will we ever have all the answers?

(Personally, I don't think so, at least not in our lifetime, but its an interesting question to ask.)

What do you see for the future, the next generation of genealogy?