07 November 2012

Genealogy and Art

There are so many ways to visually express the idea of genealogy and family history. Look around and you will find depictions of trees, trees with roots, pedigree charts, historic photos, maps... the list is really endless. Many of them are great, many are repetitive. 

About a year ago, a cousin of mine posted the below art work on her Facebook page, and I was instantly enamored of it. Although art is her hobby, I could not believe the detail and meticulousness of this piece. I was truly awe struck at her ability and talent. I made several comments to her about the sketch, and before I knew it, the original had landed in my mail box. It was an incredible gift, and it is one of my most treasured possessions. 

Copyright Serrin Boys. 

For me, this is a very hard image to put into words. The idea of human hands holding the tree; that ever to common symbol of family, history, generations past. We are literally care takers of our own history, and it is a powerful and emotional interpretation of such. 

I have no idea what was in her heart or mind when she created it, but I know it speaks volumes to me. I have been honored once again, as she has allowed me to use it as the logo for my newest project; Conference Keeper

Truly, I believe it to be rare to come across something that affects each of us so uniquely, and in my opinion, this is a stunning example. Of course, we all have our own reactions to art, and some may not agree with me. That's fine. I hope that each of you is able to one day find that unique and important expression of the importance of your family history. I've got mine.