11 October 2012

More Thoughts on the "Reasonably Exhaustive Search" Process

Over the past two weeks, I have been conducting an evaluation of my research on my second great grandfather, Oscar F. Brown, to determine:

  1. Had a reasonably exhaustive search been conducted? 
  2. What other resources need to be examined? 
  3. Who is the most likely candidate to be Oscar's father?  
One of my primary reasons for wanting to do this series was to better understand the process of the "reasonably exhaustive search" and how it fits into my research process. For me, there is no better way to really understand a concept than to put it in action; to feel it in my hands, turn it around, peer over and under, get to all those dusty, hidden corners. Most of this came about because I took the time to watch a webinar presented by Michael Hait, CG, on this very topic. 

During his presentation, he used the following graphic to explain the methodology behind the Genealogical Proof Standard.  This was a guide for me throughout these last posts on Oscar and his father, and I have gained his permission to share it with you now. 

Used with permission.
Copyright Michael Hait, 2012.

I would invite all of you to study and utilize this graphic, I have found it be incredibly helpful in simplifying the process of the Genealogical Proof Standard. This is one that's going on my wall, right above my monitor... 

Michael Hait, CG(sm), is a full-time professional genealogist, with over fifteen years of research experience across the United States. His speacilities include Maryland research, African American genealogy, and records of the Civil War and Reconstruction era. Michael is a frequent contributor to genealogy magazines and journals, and a popular lecturer in the Mid-Atlantic area. For more informaion on Michael's available services, visit, visithttp://www.haitfamilyresearch.com.

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