27 September 2012

The Diary: 1 Feb - 10, 1895

Please refer to previous posts' on "The Diary" for an introduction to this transcription. 

Fri                                                                                           Feb 1
Exam on French to-day. Liz, Allie and I went to C.E.

Sat                                                                                          Feb 2
                Mr. H. took Lizzie and I for a drive.

Sun                                                                                        Feb 3
                Allie, Liz and I went to M.E. Church this morning & heard from Mr. Allen preach from John 14.21. Lizzie and I went to S.S. Liz caught Alice’s class. Coming home we met Mr. H. so we sent for a drive away down the Branch to the Rideau River. Alice, Liz and I went to Pres Church & heard Mr. Longhead preach from Prov. 4.18.

Mon.                                                                                     Feb 4
                Lizzie’s birthday. She was 19 to-day. Lizzie and I were down first for breakfast and Clark put a mark in the calendar to show it.

Tues.                                                                                     Feb 5
                Very, very cold to-day. Mr. Halliday wanted my cape to keep him warm in bed. They are all sick with Grippe etc except Lizzie and I.

Wed.                                                                                     Feb 6
                Another very cold day. Lizzie and I got a new lamp shade to-night. We had our choice of five of them.

Thurs.                                                                                   Feb 7
                Nothing particular to-day. Liz & S. Hevere talking to R.M.

Fri.                                                                                          Feb 8
                Stormed all day and the S.S. Concert was to be to-night. Lizzie and Maude took their dinner to school. I didn’t go. Can’t go home this week. Mr. Halliday’s brother came at noon & was snowed in over Sunday.

Sat.                                                                                        Feb 9
                Storm still raging. Mrs. Kerr doctored me for the cold. Couldn’t go out to-day. Not even to the Yel. Mr. H. was talking to R.M.

Sun.                                                                                       Feb 10
                Lizzie mad a show of herself this morning and also Mr. H. Our door was wide open. All went to church in the morning except Mrs. Kerr & I. Lizzie & I went to S.S. Us 4 girls went to Pres Church to-night. Heard Mr. McDermind preach on Ps 65.1,2,3&4. Coming home we met Mr. S. (Sen) and Maggie Anderson and Mr. H (Jun) & Bell Martin. Folded the blankets in Mr. H (Sen) bed & put spools in Mr. H (Jun) bed.