27 September 2012

Brickwall: The Case of Oscar F. Brown

Capt. Oscar F. Brown, date unknown.
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If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you are probably already familiar with Oscar Fitzallen Brown, my 2nd great grandfather. He is, and has been, my biggest brick wall in my direct line of ancestors. It's not that I cannot locate any information on him, it's that the information I have can not be collaborated; and it's all indirect.

I recently viewed a webinar presented by Michael Hait, CG, on the topic of a "What is a Reasonably Exhaustive Search?," and what that really means. [You can preview or order the webinar from the Legacy Family Tree website.] It was well done, and challenged me to go back to Oscar to see what else I might be able to come up with. I have decided to present this in a multi-part series, presenting each argument on his behalf to see which comes up as the most reasonable, which has the most holes.

You see, the real problem with determining Oscar's lineage is his father: right now, there are at least three, perhaps up to five, candidates. William, Tolman, Abraham, Isaac and a possible unknown, have been distressing me for at least a couple of years each. It's time to end this madness! I am truly hoping to be able to present a reasonable conclusion by the time I am done, or at least a "to-do" list of further research necessary.

Opinions are welcome! Please contribute if you know of another source, another place to look. 

In the meantime, we're waiting for our DNA test to come back to see what it will tell us. Keep your finger's crossed.

(If this is sounding familiar, you are right. I've blogged about Oscar's Pa before, but not in as much detail as I'm going to present now. You can read through that summary here.)

Keep reading to learn more. Up first will be Abraham Brown, listed as Oscar's father in his obituary.