20 February 2012


1980 Christmas Celebration, Washington
There are a lot of reasons why I got involved in our family's story to begin with, but this photo has absolutely nothing to do with them. It is, however, one of my treasured possessions.

Pictured here, all in matching red PJ's for Christmas, are my two older sisters, our cousin, who is just barely younger than me, and of course, myself, holding the doll.

The eldest, and tallest, looks like she is going to get real nasty, real soon. I seem to recall she didn't like getting her picture taken too much as we were growing up, which is really unfortunate, as our Dad was a photographer. Next in line is the kid with the goofy smile, and I'm sure she'll forgive me for that, but she always did like the "cutsy" stuff.

I think the male cousin is just coincidence. I'll have to ask my Aunt about that.

This photo recently made the rounds again in our family, but I wanted to share. It's just too dang cute.  Of course, I was young enough that I could care less about the matching pj's, the cap, the photo, the sisters or the cousin. I was just happy to have my doll. It's the little things in life, right?

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