18 February 2012

Elsie Stebner

Elsie Stebner passed away on February 17th  at age 96.  She was known by many names, Mom, Grammie, Great Grammie, Aunt, Godmother, cousin and friend. She was loved by all. She was looking forward to her passing and was excited to be reunited with her husband Ralph, sons Arnie and Leonard and the many other loved ones that have passed before her. We know there was joy in heaven when she arrived.

Elsie has had a tough year, slowly losing her independence and a very painful infection in her foot complicated by poor circulation.  She went into the hospital in November, the infection cleared up and the pain lessened but it left her very weak. She passed away in a palliative hospice surrounded by the love of her family and friends.

What a legacy she has left to her large family.  We are grateful for her many years with us and the goodness in life that she showered on all, whether family or friends.  She was a gentle Christian woman who loved "Family" and was never happier than when she was sitting in her chair at the lake, overseeing and, in a way, giving her blessing to all who came in through the door.  We were truly blessed.  The well known phrase "Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord" is totally appropriate for her.

The funeral will be February 27, 11 am at Trinity Lutheran Church.

[Ann & Randy Stebner, Canada]

(Elsie was my grandmother's cousin. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few years ago, and she was a lovely woman.)

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