21 January 2012

Saturday Genealogy Fun: Random Research

Per http://www.geneamusings.com/2012/01/saturday-night-genealogy-fun-do-some.html... my Random name is Jannie Scottie Baker.

1910 United States Census finds her in Baltimore, Maryland, married to John K Baker, for seven years (cal 1903). She is a 35 year old white female, born in Maryland in 1875. She is listed as being a mother to three children, with all three living. Both her parents were born in Maryland, also. Here are the children listed as part of the household:
Thomas (16)
Cathern L (15)
Joseph (27)
They also have Joseph's wife, Mary A, and two children living in the household, Joseph and Margaret. Because John and Jannie had only been married for seven years, and her oldest child is 27, I will leave the option open that this was not her first marriage. All the children did list the last name of Baker.

John K Baker's parents were both born in Scotland. He is a native of Pennsylvania, born in 1861, and was 49 years old at the time of the census.

Both Thomas and Cathern are listed as laborers for a cotton mill, and John and Joseph are listed as laborers, though I was unable to decipher where.

In order to confirm this information, I searched for the family at www.familysearch.org, and was able to find the same census record. However, I was unable to locate the family in 1920 or 1930. 1900 would not be viable, due to the marriage having only existed for seven years, and I am at this time, unaware of her maiden name or previously married name.

To try to located a death date, I searched www.findagrave.com. The only Jannie S Baker in the system, who was born in 1875, died in Tennessee, and is buried with a spouse, James born in 1870. This is not likely to be the same couple.

Took a second look at the original image of the 1910 census to see if Jannie's name could have been Jennie instead. It appears to be an "a", as it matches other examples of the handwriting.

Changing the search parameters to "Jannie" married to John Baker in Maryland did not find sufficient sources on either Ancestry.com or Familysearch.org.  Searching for her by first name only on familysearch with the following parameters: Janie, born 1875, Maryland, residence Maryland in 1910. This search provided 3,140 results, all of them being in the 1910 census.

Having no luck on a simple Google search, I switch to her eldest son: Joseph  Baker, listed on the 1910 census as married to Mary A and with two children: Joseph and Margaret. Switching again to husband John Baker, born Cal 1861 in Pennsylvania, searching with and without a spouse, the results are too numerous to go through for this exercise, but none appear to be a good match. Baker is just too common of a name.

As much as I could continue this little project, I am pushing myself back to Summit County, Colorado research.

Ado to the Bakers... best of luck!

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