19 January 2012

Ancestral Journeys... The Story of the Rockies One Person At A Time

I am pleased to announce today the launch of:

Ancestral Journeys
... The Story of the Rockies One Person At A Time

As Summit County's only genealogical research service, and one of very few in the Rocky Mountain region of Wyoming, Colorado and northern New Mexico, (including Colorado's "western slope"), we are proud to represent professional genealogy in this region. Our services include research assistance, genealogical reports, internet and software training/education, and service oriented programs; educating the next generation about how to find their own ancestral trail. Located in Breckenridge, Colorado, we can offer you professional and respectful research at a reasonable cost. 

Member, National Genealogical Society

You can contact us via email and social media: 
Twitter @ancestryjourney
Facebook Ancestral Journey
Or via this blog... 

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