28 March 2014

#genchat Challenge: Mapping Your Ancestors

Tonight on #genchat, we discussed US Migration Routes. Although this chat was specifically discussing the United States, numerous area's around the world experienced land rushes, massive migration, and other significant moments of human movement.

Tonight's challenge, should you choose to accept it:

Map your families migration around the globe. 

This could be done on paper, electronically, or using a good old fashioned map and push pins. Create a visual representation of how your family ended up where it did, depending on what you know already.

What can you learn from this process? What do you see on the map that you may have missed otherwise?

Does it have to be global?

Well, no. Focus on the ancestor or ancestral line that will benefit your research the most right now. I say global because not all of us have US migration routes to map, nor do we all have far to travel. Think about putting your map,  your ancestor, on a very detailed level. County boundaries, even town boundaries, can make a difference and lead you to another clue.

Share what you find! Share your maps! Think about where they might have stopped along the way, what they might have seen. I'm looking forward to your creations!

Using a county map such as this one may prove beneficial. 

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