14 February 2014

#genchat CHALLENGE: the Ultimate Genealogy Tech Tool of the Future!

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it... 

I wasn't even going to do a challenge tonight! Honest! I wasn't! But, the crowd demanded it, and so, it shall be done. Tonight's discussion was based on technology; as the community comes off of the high that is RootsTech, it was an appropriate topic. What did we gain from the conference? What is new, what is out? Are we on "tech overload" or do we just not have the right tools to effectively match our research goals? 

Your challenge today is to imagine the ultimate tech tool of the future. What will it be? What will it look like? 

I have thought often of a "dream software," and tonight, it was given a name: Genealogy Office. My tech tool of the future includes the best of all worlds; it should include the features of... 

  • The best genealogy software (including the ability to preserve social history, citations, and more)
  • Photography and scanning, photo editing
  • Excel
  • Word
  • Social media connections for sharing
  • Blogging platform
  • Research log 
  • Research plan
  • Research trip planning - including a live map with links to Starbucks, my favorite restaurants and nearby libraries and courthouses
  • It will connect to all the major free and subscription websites for research tools
  • It will connect to BillionGraves, findagrave and any other grave app
  • It will bring the best of OneNote (or Evernote, depending on your preference)
  • it will include features found in Publisher, Scribner, mind mapping

Essentially, I want one software package that will combine all the software I currently use for genealogy - including websites and apps - into one big system. I don't want to have to open any other program. Ever. (Oh, and it has a voice, like Siri. Kinda.) 

So tell me... what is your dream genealogy tech? 

Share it on social media, in the comments here, however you like; just be sure to include a link so we can all read about it! 

Thanks for accepting the #genchat CHALLENGE! 

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