24 January 2014

#genchat Challenge! What Have You Missed?

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it....

Tonight on #genchat, the topic at hand was "Capturing all the details: one document at a time."  We discussed the idea of re-evaluating what you already have found; and why you may have missed details on the first review. Many suggested transcribing as a good way to ensure you "see" everything, also included were the idea's of reading the document out loud, reading repeatedly over the course of a week, or sharing it with a friend to compare notes.

Nearly all of the participants, myself included, admitted that there is a need to do this regularly. We simply cannot believe that one review of a source, especially a complicated one!, is enough.

What might you have missed?
Image: personal collection of author
1897 Town of Breckenridge Clerk & Recorder log book

Your challenge today is to find a record that you already have in your research, and to re-evaluate it. Try to find one that you have had difficulty with in the past, or one that was challenging to you for some reason. Make this a tough assignment on yourself! It is a "challenge" after all!

Blog about your experience with this record, or share in some other manner, before our next official chat on February 14th.  Tell us what you found originally, and what the re-assessment process did for you. Did you find new information? Were you thorough the first time around?  Be sure to share the link with me!

Remember! Once you have completed the challenge, share it with me! Thanks for accepting the #genchat CHALLENGE! 

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