23 January 2013

Taking Notes From the Bible

I’m finally getting some time to sit down and compare my information to that provided by the Bible of Carrie L. (Brown) Carlyle, which was sent to me earlier this month by Mr. Illinois. If you missed it, you can do a genealogy happy dance with me via this post.

I’m first going to examine the family page that goes back to my second great grandfather, Oscar F. Brown:


Starting at the top of the page, and working my way down.

Family Register
Grandfather (Father’s Side) Date of Birth Date of Death
James Carlyle May 1, 1841 March 27, 1889
Grandmother (Father’s Side) Date of Birth Date of Death
Jane Reid 1840 1881
Grandfather (Mother’s Side Date of Birth Date of Death
Oscar Fitzallan Brown 1831 1906
Grandmother (Mother’s Side) Date of Birth Date of Death
Frances Elizabeth Lawrence July 20, 1853 June 7, 1929
Nov 12, 1912 Married Orting, Washington
Adam Carlyle (Husband)
Date of Birth: Aug 19, 1874  
Place of Birth: Vernon, Osgood, Ontario, Canada
Date of Death: June 26, 1945 Snohomish, Wash. G.A.R. Cemetery, Snohomish
Carrie Louise Brown (Wife)
Date of Birth Oct 3, 1886
Place of Birth: Richland, Nebraska

I am assuming Carrie wrote this in herself. I have samples of her writing from her teenage years through the end of her life, and this writing seems to loosely match her style. The Bible was “presented to” her son, Lawrence Byron Carlyle in 1946, so it would appear that she filled in this information prior to gifting it to him.

Comparing this data with what I already knew…
  • James Carlyle: I have been able to add his birth date and month, but I knew the year already. I also had the death date correct.
  • Jane Reid: All I had originally was that she died “after 1895”, which conflicts with the Bible a great deal, but I will use the Bible as my primary information source for now.
  • Oscar F. Brown: His birth year has been disputed for some time, but we always knew it was around 1831/1832. The Bible gives the earlier date. We knew his death date already.
  • Frances E. Lawrence: All of the information listed for her we already knew.
  • Adam Carlyle: I had his birth date as 18 Aug 1876, but the Bible states 19 Aug 1874. The location is the same. We also had his death information and burial location, as well as the marriage date and place between Adam and Carrie.
  • Carrie Brown: Her birth date was the same, but the location varied slightly. The Bible states Richland, Nebraska, and I had Central City. The two communities are about an hour apart from each other in today’s terms, and the Brown family moved back and forth between them several times, though their homestead was closer to Central City.

The following page lists the Children’s Registry:


  • Lawrence Byron Carlyle: b. Nov 16, 1913, Orting, Washington
  • Stuart Brown Caryle: b. Nov 3, 1914, Orting, Washington. “Sgt. U.S. Army; Inducted Sept 1940, Discharged Nov 1945”
  • Helen Elizabeth Carlyle: b. April 9, 1917, Wauna, Washington (which is just north of Gig Harbor, and makes sense geographically). Married June 27, 1945 in Seattle, Washington to Sgt. Jerry William De Vries. “School teacher for eight years.” All of this information except her birth year, marriage year and the surname of her husband is new to me.
  • Ruth Louise Carlyle: b. April 10, 1920, Tacoma, Washington. Married to Joseph E. Miller, Seattle, Washington.
  • Robert Adam Carlyle: b. April 10, 1920, Tacoma, Washington (he and Ruth were twins). “2nd Lieut. U.S. Army, Over 5 yrs in Service, Unknown, Germany, Feb 19, 1945”. From his gravestone, I know he received a Purple Heart for his service, but I did not have information on where he served, nor did I have what I am assuming to be his discharge date.

I have much more to learn from these texts, and this is but a simple comparison between the Bible and my genealogy software.