05 December 2012

Incredible Stories of Incredible Women

I'm a pretty lucky gal. I have a lovely family, a nice home, a good life, really. I enjoy what I do, and I'm challenged by thoughts of what I could do. I have mentors in my field, I have people in my past that inspire me. And, I have people that I'm just getting to know, just reading their stories. Incredible, awe inspiring, jaw dropping stories.

If you are at all interested in the life of women in the Colorado Rockies from the Gold Rush (1859) through the turn of the century, here are a couple must read's:

  • The Magnificent Mountain Women by Janet Robertson (University of Nebraska Press, 1990.)
  • They Weren't All Prostitutes and Gamblers by Sandra F. Mather, PhD. (Summit Historical Society, 2009.)
  • Doc Susie by Virginia Cornell. (Manifest Publications, 1991.)
  • Women As Tall As Our Mountains, Collected Short Stories. (P.E.O. Chapter F.U. 1976.)

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Four great reads.

We all know life was hard for our ancestors'. This very special collection of women makes that abundantly clear. This is by no means a comprehensive list, however, it is a good start to understanding the difficulties faced by the first female pioneers of this difficult country.

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  1. Thank you for these references, Jen. The book most appealing to me is "The Magnificent Mountain Women" by Janet Robertson. Too often throughout history, the heroism of women goes unsung. I'll put this on my to-read list.


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