10 December 2012

ACCM: December 10, Christmas Gifts

Throughout the month of December, I will happily be participating in the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories blogging prompts, from Geneabloggers

December 10, 2012: Christmas Gifts

After my grandparents retired, and before Grandpa got too sick, they spent their winter's in Palm Springs, California. When I was quite young, I just knew that they were gone, and that my Dad had to go to their house down the road every once in a while to check in on things. I missed Grandma's cookies.

Each year, though, without fail, they would send us an entire box of grapefruits.

Image courtesy: Wikipedia.

I hated grapefruit.

To me, it was always, the "dreaded grapefruit."

Mom would make me eat at least one of them, and I would pile so much sugar on that thing, you were hard pressed to tell what it was. I don't know that any of us were ever really huge fans of the fruit, but there it was anyway, sitting in our kitchen.

Looking back, of course, it would be grand to have someone send me an entire box of fresh fruit from the heat of California!  Now living in Colorado, we truly appreciate good produce during a long, cold winter.

My grandmother, Elsie, closest to the Christmas tree.
Christmas season, 1962-1963.
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