28 December 2012

A Snapshot of SEO’s: Understanding Search Engine Optimization and How It Can Affect Your Genealogy Blog

A Snapshot of SEOs

My eBook, by the above title, was released on 27 Dec 2012. Addressing the need for all genealogy and family history bloggers to optimize their sites using simple and easy to understand SEO tactics, this step-by-step guide will walk you through it all.

The benefits of using SEO tools can be striking, allowing other researchers – and cousins – to find you easier and faster when seeking information via search engines.

Written specifically with genealogists in mind, the guide will provide examples that are easy to understand and graphics that make it simple to implement.

Don’t be intimidated by SEO’s! They can help you connect your blogs to the rest of the world.

Here’s what a couple of folks had to say about their purchase… these are screen shots captured from Twitter, and yes, I have their permission to post it here.

Cindy Freed eBook comment 27 Dec 2012Liv eBook comments 27 Dec 2012

You can purchase your own copy on my website, Ancestral Journeys

My thanks go to Stephanie Pitcher Fishman of Corn & Cotton Genealogy and Mariann Regan for their assistance in this project.