23 November 2012

I'm Alive... but just barely.

It's Thanksgiving weekend, and I haven't posted a single thing. Needless to say, its been a busy week.

Last Saturday, I had two wisdom teeth pulled. The process itself wasn't too bad, but my mouth is so sore! Yikes! So, concentrating has been a bit difficult.

On Monday, my husband launched his new catering business: Food Elevated. Based in Summit County, Colorado, they will focus on innovative cuisine for all event types. Naturally, I've been helping him with some of that, so my computer time has been spent elsewhere. And? I drove an hour and a half to have dinner with my brother, who I haven't seen for five years, and he had a chance to meet his niece for the first time.

Copyright Food Elevated, 2012.

On Tuesday, my parents arrived for the holiday. They brought lots of boxes from Costco with them.

On Wednesday, my sister and her family came over and we all went to dinner together. Then, my three nieces spent the night for a pre-Thanksgiving slumber party with my daughter! Fun, but exhausting for us all.

Thursday. Thanksgiving. Dinner. Busy, busy, [sore] lady.

Finally, today, I get a chance to sit down and check in on my various projects around the web. Not for long, though! We're off to my sister's house in about an hour for yet another family dinner.

My grandmother, Elsie Brown, on one of her many
Thanksgiving holiday's. Photo taken by her brother,
Leo Tober.
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What am I thankful for this year? Well. All of the above. The pain I'm currently experiencing is only temporary, and will lead to better days. I'm ever so grateful I have my parents here to celebrate with us - for a while it seemed that might not happen this year, as my Mom has been in and out of the hospital. I'm pleased as I can be that my daughter consider's her cousins her friends, and they all enjoy spending time together. I'm extremely proud of my husband for starting this business, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this will lead us.

I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday, filled with family and friends, memories and laughter.