29 October 2012

The Debate in My Head

I'm currently arguing with myself over a topic that I think (hope) many of you will have an opinion on. Should I have one blog or two?

Here's what it would look like:

One Blog: this one. It combines my personal research goals, finds, artifacts and general journey with that of my professional life; mostly methodology, western U.S. research and a focus on Summit County, Colorado.

Two Blogs: this one, changing to just a personal research blog and a new one, launched from my website for Ancestral Journeys, focusing on the methodology, western U.S. research and Summit County, Colorado.

Here's the thing. I have several writing commitments already in place: this blog, Examiner.com, In-Depth Genealogist and two counties with the Trails to the Past free genealogy organization, Summit and Colfax County, Nebraska. I also have my ongoing research, client work and the tasks related to running a small business: marketing, speaking engagements, social media, networking... etc. I get approximately three hours each day to do all of this, with a "bonus day" once a week that provides an extra three hours.

This is me. Stretched.

I also work with the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance and volunteer at one of the local churches at least twice a month.

Oh, and I'm a stay at home Mom of a three year old.

All of this seems to be reasonable for me at this time, albeit I'm stretched.

Really stretched

So my concern is this: will I have the time, energy, and motivation to provide quality content on two blogs, versus just one?

In the past month, I have developed some new organizational methods for myself, and that seems to be working well. I've been reading - a lot - about blog content, tips and tricks to write better, faster, more often.

Bottom line, here, folks, is that I'm simply not confident enough in myself to think that I can pull this off right now. I do think, ultimately, its a good idea. I believe the smart decision would be to separate my business writing from that of my personal. But, I want to do it right.

Indecision 2012. That's where I'm at. 

I cannot tell you when this decision will be made, but rest assured, you'll hear it here first. I'm leaning towards going for it, simply because I believe you have to work at your dreams. No one hands them to you. It does help to write it all down, though.