22 October 2012

Learn, Over and Over

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Ancestral Journeys, 2012
As genealogists, as researchers  and simply as human beings, one of the most wonderful gifts we can give to ourselves is that of continued learning. The mantra is simple, "don't stop."  Whatever form it comes in, there is always opportunity to learn, learn again and learn some more.

I find myself reading - constantly - on a wide array of topics. My personal library skips through what you would expect: genealogy, history, military references; and then races on with music history, loved children's literature from years past, business and marketing texts, and so much more.

There is something I struggle with though, and that is making time for online education. I do my fair share of reading through blogs, news articles, and other mentions from our friends in social media. However, I'm constantly struggling with making time for webinar's, YouTube video's, Podcast's and tutorials. I know they can help me, and when I do make the time, I always learn something.

I actually really enjoy watching or listening to them. The topics list are varied and for the most part, the presenter's are engaging and entertaining. My to-do list is just sooooo long that I have a hard time convincing myself to stop trying to multi-task and focus on what is being discussed.

As part of my newly developed set of goals, I plan on taking advantage of two of these educational opportunities each month. Starting today.

So, here I'm going to remind you of the incredible set of videos that were made available just a few months ago, from RootsTech 2012. I've seen them all, but many are worth watching again. Take out your notes from this past March, and watch with me. While you're on the site, check out the schedule for next year.

Let me know what you learn today!