01 July 2012

Silent Sunday...mostly: Unknown Couple

These photos are in our family collection, along with others, that belonged to a C.C. Christie. To be honest, the relationship is vague at best to the Christie family, and I have done little research on them to date (leaving that for this coming winter.)  

The images eventually came to us through my great-grand aunt, Carrie (Brown) Carlyle, who lived in Carnation, Washington. 

I think it is quite apparant that they were taken on the same day, by the same photographer. The mats and image quality are identical. There is no writing and no dates anywhere on either image.


  1. Interesting mystery. That is quite a unique outfit the lady is wearing too.

    1. Isn't it, though? I was always attracted to her photo because of her attire, then realized the man must have been photographed at the same time. Certainly makes the set worth holding on to until the mystery is solved. Thanks, Jana! ~Jen

  2. I agree. She have that unique outfit. It fits her though. I wonder what's her nationality.

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