17 June 2012

Father's Day

Captain Oscar F. Brown
His father is unknown, but may have been Tolman or William Brown.
Civil War Veteran, homesteaded in Colfax County, Nebraska.

William W. Brown
1st son of Oscar
First in the family to move to Washington,
resided in Orting, Pierce County.

Harley Brown
2nd son of William
Dairy Farmer, and active member of the
community. Resided in Enumclaw, King County,

Mike Brown
1st son of Harley
U.S. Navy, Photographer.
Retired, happy Grandfather.


  1. I loved it! Thanks for sharing! Never have seen the photo of Uncle Harley; it's a classic. Wish your dad Happy Fathers' Day for me. Thanks, Marcia

    1. I absolutely will, Marcia! I received Grandma Elsie's photo albums a couple years ago, and am slowly digitizing them - that's where the photo of Grandpa came from. They obviously took a few that day, and it's a fun collection to have. Thanks for reading! ~Jen

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jana! Sometimes, the simplest things are the best, huh? Have a great day! ~Jen

  3. Your photos are WONDERFUL; this is an excellent tribute to the fathers in your family tree!

    1. Liv, Thank you! As a family, we're very proud of our archives, and the many photos and other memorabilia we have collected over the generations. Thanks so much for reading, and commenting! ~Jen

  4. You have a family tree of fathers in pictures! This is a treasure. It must be unusual to possess a 4-generation series of pictures like this. Your family is both lucky and smart to save all these photos.

    1. Mariann, we consider ourselves very lucky. We have a few different images of Oscar, the patriarch, and all the other generations, we have lots of images. It's wonderful. And, really, I left out my brother and his son, so there are 2 more generations to include in the direct line of males. It's very special! Thanks for reading, and thanks for posting! ~Jen

  5. Happy father's day! Thanks for sharing!

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