02 May 2012

Adobe Creative Cloud

Have you ever considered renting your software?

Welcome to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

For $49.99 a month, you can have access to all of the software products available in the Adobe Creative Suite 6. This program offers many unique, and new, features to the consumer. According to the Adobe Creative Cloud website, their goal is to remove overhead and the process of moving files; streamlining your entire creative process. The system would provide you with a downloaded version of each of their products, including Photoshop, Photoshop Touch, Illustrator, Muse, Edge, Audition, Acrobat X Professional and much more. After downloading, you will receive automatic updates to your software through the cloud. All for that one price.

Do you have any idea how much an upgrade of Photoshop costs?  If you use Adobe products, this is a very good deal.

Along with the applications you also receive 20GB of cloud storage. The system will seamlessly update your work from one device to another, allowing you to make changes and updates on any system, and then accessing it immediately on another.

Slick, huh?

Share your files by uploading them to the web; publish apps and websites. All within the Creative Cloud.

Learn more on the Adobe website using the link provided above. This will certainly be an exciting venture to watch over the coming months as they release more options and information.

How in the world does this relate to genealogy, you ask? Well, let's put this into perspective. Here is what I use:

  1. Photoshop Editor for my images.
  2. A WYSIWYG free software program to write my web pages, called Composer. 
  3. A separate program called Core FTP LE to upload those pages onto the net.
  4. MozyHome for cloud storage.
  5. Microsoft Word for creating documents. 
  6. A Casio brand digital recorder for personal interviews, and its corresponding software to edit those files on my PC. 
If I were to buy into the Adobe Creative Cloud, all of those would be eliminated by features they offer in the package. More importantly to me, they would all be interconnected, so each would update with new information as I work in another. Neat. 

Please note, I am not speaking for Adobe or trying to sell you anything. I came across this new information thanks to a conversation with a retired photographer and thought it could be a useful tool for genealogists and family historians, among many other professions. 

What will they come up with next? 

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