15 April 2012

A Look at Lottie's Memoirs

I have very much been enjoying the chance to read through cousin Lottie's memoirs again, by transcribing them and posting them into my blog. It's been a fun little dance down memory lane; as I think fondly of the first time I read them, over ten years ago, with my Dad. He would tell me stories about the life he remembers, growing up on a dairy farm, and connecting the two; giving the words real life for me.

I have to imagine that Silver Creek, Nebraska, in the Platte Valley, is not know by everybody. So, I decided to break up the pages of the memoirs with some information on where Lottie grew up.

Silver Creek is in Merrick County, not too far from Omaha. The southern border is the Platte River. Some of my other ancestors, the Brown's, settled in Colfax County, which is just to the north and east of Merrick, also along the river.

Image from Wikipedia
Silver Creek Township had a population of 634 in the 2000 census, and the county as a whole was at 8,204 people that year. There is also Silver Creek, Nebraska, which held 441 souls in 2000. At this time, I do not know if Lottie and her family were in Silver Creek Township or Silver Creek. Hopefully, more on that to come.

Having never been there myself, I Googled "Silver Creek, Nebraska" images, and came back with a lot of pictures of farm land, cows and tornadoes.

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