02 April 2012

First Images from the 1940 US Census!

Here's what I managed to acquire before the servers at the National Archives slowed down to the point of not moving (about 30 minutes in!). I am confident they will have all issues resolved soon and we will all be happily searching and indexing away! 

Four images from Orting, Pierce County, Washington and 1 from Keya Paha County, Nebraska. 
UPDATED: Added images from Lake County, Oregon and Lake County, Colorado. 

Best of luck to you!


  1. good job, Jen!

    I'm still stuck on empty...

    1. Thanks! Too bad the people I was looking for weren't on any of these pages... downloaded 1 page a time, and just didn't get in far enough. Oh, well. Later, I guess. Good luck, Randy!


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