02 March 2012

It All Comes Back Around

When I was pregnant with my daughter, my Aunt sent me a baby cup. This was no ordinary cup. It had belonged to my father when he was a baby, and she sent it to me for the baby shower. As someone who truly treasures family heirlooms, this little tin cup is very precious to me. I usually use it to hold my daughter's hospital tag bracelet. Today, I decided to finally digitally document it, and the significance to our family.

In the background is my father, holding his newest granddaughter 30 minutes after she was born.  I took that original photo from the hospital bed; not an easy task mind you, so fresh from labor and delivery.  She was born in March of 2009, and I can hardly believe she will be three years old in just a couple of weeks. Dad has two more grandchildren on the way, and he is one proud man. His cup, however, remains with me and my little girl.

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