07 February 2012

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Bob Lott

 Mr. Bob Lott passed away in Summit County, Colorado in 1913. At the time, he was the only person in the area of African descent, literally one black man in a sea of white faces. His headstone was placed by his "friends" in the community, and sits alone, isolated in the pauper section of the Valley Brook Cemetery in Breckenridge. There is not another headstone within 50 feet of Mr. Lott, and the area is overgrown with aspens, wild flowers and shrubs.

Placed by his many friends, in memory of Bob Lott, Negro. Died Apr 13, 1913 Aged 55 years. A loyal citizen and faithful friend. "His skin was black but white his heart, Bob always tried to do his part."

From the Summit County Journal and Breckenridge Bulletin, 25 April 1913, page 1:

"Bob Lott, the only colored resident of Summit County, died in his cabin here Wednesday morning of dropsy. He was fifty-five years of age."

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