13 December 2011

Girl Scout Project continues...

Up in Leadville, they've been busy. Girls all over town are collecting names of ancestors, birth and death dates, trying to find old photos and looking up sources on the internet.

It's all my fault.

Leadville High School, built 1900.

The girls have been assigned pedigree charts, time lines for one of their parents, and now, after a lengthy discussion on sources which included many different examples, they are out searching for new information. They have a month to come up with something on their chosen ancestor.

In the meantime, I have their pedigree charts and am researching at a steady pace. Starting simply with ancestry.com, and moving on to other common websites, I've been able to put together a fairly good draft of the first four generations for each girl. One in particular already has posted research for her family, going back to the DAR, which is exciting. An unexpected benefit of this project may be membership opportunities for these girls, which may lead to scholarships and other "college bound" programs. What a treat that would be!  Hopefully, her parents, and any others we find, are encouraged and excited about the opportunities and jump on them; I'm sure they will.

Although there are a variety of geographical locations involved already, there seems to be a majority of German descent. Since the families spread through the eastern and mid-western United States fairly well, that should be an interesting trend to follow.

Research commences!  Good luck to all my girls on the other side of the hill!

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