30 November 2011

New Material!

Is there anything more exciting to a genealogist than a box full of photos, letters, newspapers and other random family items passed down? I do not think so.

I got exactly that this Thanksgiving weekend. Two full boxes. So full, in fact, that the giver (my Dad) wasn't even really sure what was in them. Original certificates, tax records, Civil War era letters, copies of land patents, and so much more. Early Christmas for me!

The next few weeks I'm sure most of my personal time will be spent devouring this information; sorting, scanning, photographing, and posting about what I find. At some point in the near future, I will allow it to be absorbed by my current collection, and it will fill in missing details in time lines of family members.

Here is a small sampling... I have just begun to digitize, and have a lot of work to do still. All of these are excerpts taken from some of the newspapers.

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