28 August 2011


I am so excited to introduce "Ancestral Breezes", a new genealogy based blog. Most of my posts will revolve around my own research and my certification process, which I will be challenging myself with over the next 12 months.

First, though, allow me to introduce myself some and publish why I think a blog is a good idea, at least, with me as an author. I have been researching my own family history for over a decade in a variety of states across the western half of America. I love it. I have been passionate about the history of our country and how my family was involved in that process for a long time... I still have notes from a genealogical interview I did with my grandmother when I was in elementary school. My family has entrusted me with an ever-growing collection of family artifacts and memorabilia, a trust I take very seriously, and I am thrilled with the idea of passing this passion on to the next generation.

Current projects, besides this blog, include the following: volunteer host for Summit County, Colorado and Colfax County, Nebraska Trails to the Past sites on the rootsweb system (coming soon! will be online by mid-September); volunteer for the Girl Scouts of America, leading the Leadville, Colo. troop in a year long family history project; transcription of several documents housed in Summit and Lake Counties, Colorado; creating the portfolio for submission to the Board for Certified Genealogists and my own family research as well. I do small side projects for friends, but that will probably come to an end soon with everything else going on.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope you share yours with me. I am always excited to meet and learn from other genealogists around the world.

Best of luck,

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